Brian Slater

I’ve been a photographer since I was a kid. My first camera came courtesy of Bazooka Joe gum wrappers. Fast forward a few years and I grabbed my dad’s old SLR camera and a few magazines on how to take photos. I was hooked. High school photography classes springboarded me to college on a scholarship and that’s where my learning really flourished in all those (now) old-school darkroom, chemistry-driven, hands-on processes. Yep, people actually did all that pre-Photoshop.

I landed in Kansas City after college and journeyed from studio to studio, learning the business and honing my craft. It wasn’t long before my knowledge of still photos morphed into self-taught video production, animation, and motion graphics work. Which brings me to where I am today.

Outside of the business I keep myself sharp by reading history and theology, rebuilding old motorcycles, training martial arts, rock climbing, exploring the world from mountain peaks to deeps seas, and paling around with my hulk of a Rottweiler, Ceeno.

based in Kansas City

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